The Barn Amphitheatre

The Barn Amphitheatre at One Loudoun

Have you seen the large red barn in One Loudoun off of Russell Branch Parkway?  I was curious about its importance and explored a little bit.  “The Barn” was originally constructed here in Loudoun County in 1875 on the property of a man named Charles Harris.  Shortly after the Civil War, Mr. Harris, an African-American landowner, began acquiring land along what is present-day Shellhorn Road.  Between 1870 and his death in 1907, Mr. Harris acquired a total of 32 acres including the land where he constructed his barn.  Much of his land, according to records, was used for social gatherings and for picnics in the surrounding rural communities.  The barn stood for 132 years before it was carefully deconstructed by One Loudoun developer Miller & Smith and a timber-frame preservation expert and Loudoun resident, Mr. Allen Cochran.  In 2014, reconstruction of The Barn was completed and was dedicated to be used for similar purposes as Mr. Harris had used it so long ago.

The Barn now offers an iconic back-drop for a wide range of outdoor events and shows throughout the year for the One Loudoun Community.