2019 Marks 7 Years Of Annual Home Price Appreciation In The US

When you make an investment, you’re hoping that investment will appreciate in value over time—in other words, that your investment will be worth more down the road (whether that’s next month, next year, or in the next decade) than it was when you made your initial investment.

Well, if you’ve invested in real estate in recent years, chances are that hope has come true.

According to a report from CoreLogic, home prices increased 4.4% year over year as of January 2019, which marked seven straight years of annual home price appreciation in the United States. And, according to the report, that trend is projected to continue, with home prices expected to increase another 4.6% by January 2020.

The Takeaway:
Chances are your home is worth more now than it was when you purchased it. So if you’ve been thinking about selling, now is a great time to make a move (and walk away with more cash than your initial investment).

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